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How to File a Federal Suit

If you think you have a case against lawyers, judges, police, the court or other government entities, the following is our A.H.A! Guide on “How to File a Federal Lawsuit – and Take It All the Way to the United States Supreme Court.” Most attorneys will not take cases against the system, and if they do, our research shows that they drag it out past the statute of limitations so your case will be dismissed. We’ve seen much faster results when you do it yourself, and if many people file their own, what happens? The legal system will be forced to change, and “justice for all” will finally prevail because corrupt lawyers will go out of business.

This guide is based on how to file in Kansas , but the process should be the same in every state. It is usually all done by mail over a two-year period, and your case will probably be dismissed in the state district court. This is okay, because your chances for a resolution are better as you move the case up and other judges are looking at it. Just pretend you are taking a college class and writing term papers that have to be turned in on time, it’s that simple. You’ll make mistakes, but don’t get discouraged.

If you are currently involved in a state case, they may start to intimidate you with “scare” tactics (you’re followed, they threaten to put you in jail, harass your children, the judge orders a mental evaluation, etc.). The way to shut this down is to document everything that happens and put it in the court file so there is a record. It’s best to get together with others to offer emotional support and/or study at the law library. We think that attaching affidavits as evidence to your federal complaint will keep it from being dismissed as a frivolous suit. Note: If you are fighting CPS, we feel that your claims are similar to those stated in Case # 1 under “Supporting Documents” on our website.

Our research shows that the demand letter is KEY to getting a quick resolution, and you may not even have to file a suit. If you have questions, please e-mail or call us at 316.788.0901…

Download the Guide to Filing a Federal Suit

Note: You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this guide in PDF format. If you do not currently have the Reader software installed, you can get it here.

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