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A.H.A! News Update
October 2016

TOP STORYAt a GOP breakfast in Tulsa on 8/22, OK Senator James Lankford told us that he found out there are hundreds (we think thousands) of Americans on the terrorist watch list that shouldn’t be. He agreed that Christians should not be on it just for telling the truth, and said they’re working on a process to get innocent people removed. We were further elated on 9/29 during the debate when Trump admitted this as well, and said he will help innocent people get off the list. “If my people. turn from their wicked ways, then I will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chron. 7:14

SPEAK YOUR MIND.If one thing Trump does well, this is it, and it’s a good example for Christians to follow. Do you know someone who is continuing in sin and might not make it to heaven? If you love your friends and family, then don’t be afraid to say something. “Fear not” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible and you are not judging, just repeating God’s word. Remember that Jesus came to call the sinners, not righteous people and “there will be more joy in heaven over one person who repents than over 99 righteous people who need no repentance.” Luke 15:7

LET’S BE HONEST. Hillary’s commercial about Trump’s comments concerning women are mostly true, and this is designed to take your focus off all the good he will do. Did Hillary eat like a pig at his wedding? Probably. Are some women fat and slobby? Yes, they are. Does the average man think that a flat woman rates as a “10”? No. That’s just the truth, ladies. The point is that America will become great again when we stop this “anything goes”/“it’s okay to be fat” mentality and people stop lying, especially our leaders. So God bless Trump for leading this truth movement!

A.H.A! ActivitiesOur apologies, on 4/8 it was a CA (not NV) judge trying to force a divorced NV woman to sign a medical consent for drugs so daughter can change her gender. 8/2 - KS woman needed atty to enforce payment of $15K in medical bills by ex. 8/2 - TX man starting a paralegal co. to audit atty performance in court cases.8/3 - man needed help with motion to recuse a judge.IN woman won complaint against GHA.8/5 - CA man sent link to OK Cleveland Co. DA filing motion for Judge Tom Lucas to remove himself from cases.ID woman trying to fight mail fraud. NY woman got an infection in hospital and employee told her they no longer clean with bleach so staph infections are spreading like wildfire.. 8/7 - Wichita woman said her atty charged her $70K for one yr of work on her son’s criminal case.8/9 - 364 viruses removed, lightning struck our office in KS twice in 2 months crashing computer. 8/10 - Wichita woman needed lawyer for her niece. 8/15 - Wichita man needed bankruptcy atty.8/17 - telecon with Karen Melton-Stewart, NSA whistleblower who worked there 28 yrs and now she is being targeted.8/24 - woman complained about IL Atty Eric Miskell who took her $$ then dropped her as a client. 8/25 - talked a WA woman out of suing CPS so she would not lose her children. 8/26 - TX woman being targeted since she witnessed a cop shoot a black man while he was down 13 yrs ago. 8/30 - KS man let go from job needed advice. 8/30 - KS woman needed lawyer to help get custody of two daughters. 9/4 - Wichita man needed lawyer to start a foundation. 9/13 - numerous “medical errors” nearly caused the death of our CEO in a Wichita hospital after hip surgery, low income patients beware. 9/27 - TX woman wants to sue illegal immigrant ex and lawyers for taking son. 9/28 - TX woman with PTSD wants to sue ex who bought off lawyers and judge to get custody of her daughter.10/1 - Wichita woman needed family law atty.

KUDOS TO:  KS Federal Judge Carlos Murguia for not dismissing our CEO’s lawsuit against her HOA for trying to run her out of the neighborhood she has lived in for over 20 yrs (Case # 16-CV-02180). FL Federal Judge Robin Rosenberg for setting a targeted man’s case for trial instead of dismissing it (Case # 16-CV-14293).

SHAME ON:  Social Security in Kansas for their disgraceful handling of cases, too long wait times, failure to return calls/follow up, denials when SSD is warranted, letting people suffer. Senator Marco Rubio for stepping up D.E.W. surveillance on targeted people in Florida he knows are innocent.mainstream media for their bias against Trump.

A.H.A! TIP:If you file a pro se federal lawsuit, the courts are now transferring cases to magistrate judges, many of whom will likely drag your matter out, try to intimidate you with court rules and put you thru the ringer so you give up and go home. So if this happens to you, contact us and we’ll tell you how to file objections within 14 days.

This will be our last news update, but our site will still be up for anyone needing help in filing a lawsuit. We thank God for his protection as we spoke the truth freely, and hope that He will continue to bless America. For now, it is time to.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

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