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A.H.A! News Update
January 2015

TOP STORY:  We spoke out at a meeting 12/17 against Boeing/Onyx/Spirit lawyers for dragging out the employee benefits lawsuit 9+ years, some people have committed suicide waiting and lawyers just dismissed them from the suit. The next morning, 10 police officers swarmed our C.E.O’s house, arrested her son on a false warrant for a misdemeanor in 2011, and put him in jail for another year. A false charge of “Escape from Custody” had been added so that police were justified in shooting him if he ran.  His persecution has gone on 12+ years, and even Pres. Bush was aware of the CIA torture against him using the KS legal system back in 2004. How? Because we had written him repeatedly and filed a federal suit to try and get it to stop.  It was dismissed, but Bush sent him a graduation card in 2006 after he barely made it through high school - as if to say,“Congratulations, you made it through my torture!”

“CYA” FOR DUBYA. We only recently realized why eight pro se lawsuits we helped file since 2001 have been dismissed all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. After 9/11, Pres. Bush passed the “State Secret Privilege” which allows the executive branch to dismiss any civil suit if it has evidence of state secrets (like the CIA’s crimes against humanity). This protected him from prosecution for any wrongdoing he did as President. The Week (12/26) said that Obama could bring charges against Bush and his “murderous” team as a result of the Senate report on CIA torture.  We’d be glad to testify, and still have hundreds of pieces of evidence to back up Edward Snowden’s files on this.

AT&T SABOTAGE. After moving back from OK to KS, we were self-installing AT&T internet on 1/8/15 when a technician suddenly showed up.  He said he needed to rewire on the outside, but this crashed our computer. We called AT&T and they said he wasn’t supposed to be there, to tell him to undo what he did. He finally agreed, but it was still down. Later, AT&T wanted $149 to remove the virus he caused! (Were they trying to rewire our old land lines so they could put us under surveillance again without getting a new warrant?)  If that wasn’t enough, we took our computer in for repair at OfficeMax who had a new tech working there. We got it home, and he had locked up our files and deleted our snail mail A.H.A! News Update list!  So beware of govt spooks working in Wichita area phone and computer stores.

KUDOS TO:  Pres. Obama for appointing Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General who is a woman and a minority. William T. Davitt for his idea to put a KS Legislative Handbook in all schools.the U.S. Senate for releasing their torture report on 12/9. Elizabeth Warren for speaking out against big banks. Code Pink for picketing the residence of Dick Cheney on 1/9...

SHAME ON:  The U.S. Senate for failing to mention the CIA’s targeting/torture of Americans on our own soil in their Senate report. the KS GOP for continuing to fix elections (only Republicans elected to the U.S. Senate since 1932 - really?)... career politicians for blocking our C.E.O’s donation/contact buttons and giving her no publicity to make sure she lost the U.S. Senate race in OK. the IRS(?) for sending us a scam letter saying we owe thousands.

“How to File a Federal Suit” - This is our 5-page guide at www.assocforhonestattys.com that tells you how to take a case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in 3 steps.  It’s all done by mail over 2-3 years, and we have yet to see the courtroom. If you have any questions e-mail JoanFarr73@aol.comWe’re glad to help!

A.H.A! Activities:   9/28 - met with Boeing workers on suing attorneys in the benefits lawsuit. 10/5 - lawsuit pending against HOA for stealing picnic table/bullying residents for years.10/8 & 10/22 - complaints about attorneys Robert Lane and James Schaeffer. 10/23 - woman praised our top lawyer Bill Vickery for helping her regain custody of her 5-year old daughter. 10/24 - Australian man targeted with microwave surveillance. 11/3 - Parental Alienation Org non-profit in TX called to partner, problems with family law court.11/4 - Brisbane man targeted with microwave burns, break-ins and poisoning by NSA/CIA. 11/5 - MI man who sued police keeps getting detained.11/7 -The Week reports FBI has files on 77.7 million Americans, 1 in 3 adults; 12,000 new names added each day to its master criminal database, most from minor arrests of juveniles over “zero tolerance” policies at schools.11/21 & 22 - held a holiday fundraiser.  12/4 & 12/6 - targeted black men in GA and TN want to sue.12/8 - MO man wants to sue former employer.1/8/15 - GA woman’s identical twin suing over father’s estate.1/15 - NY man suing judges/lawyers under 1983/Rico Act...

A.H.A! TIP:  If you are filing a pro se lawsuit, you should attach 1-2 key items and mark them as “Exhibit A & B.” Then refer to these in the facts in your lawsuit.  This will help keep your case from being dismissed as a frivolous suit.

“What do you mean by crushing my people, by grinding the face of the poor?”  Isaiah 3:15

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